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The initial inspiration for Conifumo comes from the subcategory of digestivi known as alpine amari, of which Braulio is a shining example. These spirits use wild alpine plants to inform the aromatic profile.

Thus, the most prevalent aromatic ingredients in Conifumo are the tips, needles and bark pine, fir, cedar, spruce, juniper. Then, as necessitated by the very word amaro, there is a good portion of four different bitter roots to provide the bitter backbone.

Lastly, in order to round out the aromas and add levity, there is a plethora of over 15 native California herbs, flowers, and brushes such as yarrow, strawberry leaf, bay, mint and sage.

The process for making an amaro involves infusing the above plants in high-proof brandy and then "watering back" with wine and/or sweetener. The name is derived from two Italian words: conifera (conifer) and fumo (smoke).

It should be enjoyed after a meal, either chilled, with a touch of ice, or with a splash of soda.


  • Alcohol 19.0%
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