• Passggiata

    Passeggiata, an aperitivo styled spirit by Giornata, is intended to be enjoyed before dinner. Typically mixed with sparkling water and ice, it can be served as a cocktail or spritz. The infusion process involves brandy infused with a variety of botanicals for ten days, and then combined with our Sangiovese rosé, simple syrup, water, and beet juice. Passeggiata's recipe follows the simple formula of three main ingredient families: citrus peel, bitter roots, and dried herbs.

    The name Passeggiata, meaning “an evening stroll” in Italian, is derived from the tradition where people take a leisurely walk or meet up with friends before dinner. This drink is designed to complement such a relaxing activity, as it offers a refreshing and indulgent way to start an evening of unwinding and enjoyment.

    Looking for something more "forte"? Try Passeggiata in a Negroni!

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  • Conifumo

    Conifumo is a unique amaro that draws its inspiration from alpine amari, which use wild alpine plants to inform their aromatic profile. Assistant winemaker, Tyler Hill, wanted to use California's alpine plants in the amaro, and thus chose the conifers that dominate the Sierra Nevada landscape, including pine, fir, cedar, spruce, juniper, hemlock, and sequoia. These ingredients are blended with four different bitter roots and over 15 native California herbs, flowers, and brushes. The infusion is then watered back with smoke-tainted orange wine from a lot affected by wildfires, making Conifumo a story of ecological interconnectivity and repurposing unfortunate circumstances into something pleasurable.
    The name Conifumo comes from the Italian words for conifer and smoke. This amaro is meant to be enjoyed chilled, with ice, or with soda after a meal, and it represents the unique flavors and ecological diversity of
    California's natural landscape.

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